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The Fear of Failing

The Fear of Failing

Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned came at the expense of a little embarrassment. The truth is that we should expect to be bad at most of the things we do, especially if we’re trying something new. When we expect perfection from ourselves, failure is inevitable, and we develop a fear of trying anything at all. To help me get around this hurdle, I remember the following key ideas.

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Being Wrong

Being Wrong

When presented with information that doesn’t align with our views of the world, instead of thoughtfully considering how it might change our construction of reality we reject it outright as false. Our need to be in the right gets in the way of constructive conversation. Our inability to admit to our errors precludes us from discovering better solutions to our problems, from forging healthier relationships, and from evolving into our better selves. What do we do about this? Here are three strategies that I use regularly to deal with my need to be “right”.

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Happy Clients

Client Love

“Your keynote was right on the mark and staff are still citing a few key messages around the office. Thank you again for your great session, it was loved by all! Which is a hard thing to accomplish with this group!”
Julia Wagner, City of Hamilton
“Brandon was the star speaker at our event! Our guests were mesmerized and the messaging was perfect! Brandon is a must have for a successful conference, gala or fundraiser!”
Lenka Nyeste, Sun Life Financial
“Brandon Love’s presentation style is enjoyable and engaging, he captivates his audience with mind-boggling tricks to unlock our minds and think more creatively, challenging his audience to wonder and ask “what if” or “why not”. He is very enlightening and left our team re-energized.”
Dee Henne, AVP & CFO, McMaster University
“Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and very well received.  We have had numerous comments from attendees who all stated how much they enjoyed hearing from you.”
Dave Lowe, Past-President of CASIU, The Canadian "Trillium" Chapter of IASIU
“I cannot tell you enough how much our group enjoyed your workshop. Everyone was raving about it afterwards and all our invited guests emailed me that evening or over the weekend to say how much they enjoyed the session.”
Alexandra Elms, The Ottawa Hospital
“Starting the day with your presentation was refreshing and kick started the brain into thinking differently. I think all conferences should start with you!”
Janet Aldred, Allstate Insurance
Brandon Love