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Keynote Topics 

The Real Secrets of Magic

We are surrounded by possibilities that innovate and inspire. We are all profoundly creative and have the ability to transform our lives. The problem is that we forget our power sometimes, and it’s really easy to get ourselves stuck.

With more than 25+ years spent studying the art of magic and learning from the world’s best magicians, Brandon has discovered how magicians get themselves unstuck to create the most incredible and astounding possibilities.

In this presentation Brandon shares what he calls The Real Secrets of Magic. These are not tricks, but are the implicit values at the center of the magic community. They allow magicians to achieve the impossible, but they also play an enormous role in creating the lives we want to live.

The amazing thing is that YOU can use these magic secrets in your daily life. And Brandon will show you how. Imagine if your impossible became possible.

This magic-filled, highly-engaging presentation leaves audiences feeling inspired and amazed.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your conference with some mind-opening fun, or to inspire more creativity and innovation on your team, this presentation will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Your Hidden Superpower

What do magic and hypnosis have in common with sales and social impact? They all depend on the ability to create influence. The more influential we can become, the more success we’re apt to discover.

In this presentation, Brandon leads the audience on an entertaining exploration of the ways we can create more influence in our lives. Whether you’re looking to reach a broader audience with your business, or to lead a team to fulfill a vision, or to share your ideas with the world, we would all benefit from tapping into our superpower of influence.

Audience members will have a chance to experience jaw-dropping demonstrations of their innate influential abilities. But perhaps more importantly, they’ll walk away with tangible tools in order to unleash their power and create results in their lives.

This is the real work on leadership.

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Change Your F Word

Are you frustrated – with work, with your family, with your colleagues? Try changing your f-word: Replace “frustration” with “fascination” and view your problems through the lens of wonder. How would this change your outlook? What solutions might you discover?

By changing our language we can change our experiences. Magicians have long known that magic spells are not just a thing of fantasy and Disney movies, but rather are the real keys to constructing our worlds.

This presentation explores the powerful and immediate effects of first noticing, and then changing our language. Audience members first experience the shift of changing their f-word: from frustrating to fascinating. Then, they’ll have a chance to examine common language patterns which hold people back. Finally, Brandon also shares a few other ‘magic spells’ that are effective in creating a sense of empowerment, and in discovering opportunities.

Transform your words and transform your world. Create a more productive, optimistic, and collaborative environment everywhere you go.

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The Illusion of Knowing

Brandon loves to share magic with just about anyone. Not just because it’s a lot of fun, but because magic reminds us of a very powerful idea: namely, that we’re always missing something.

Think about it. Even when you’re paying really close attention during a magic trick, you know that there’s something happening beyond your perception.

While this idea is easily agreed upon, it’s also true that we forget this idea all the time. And when we forget it, when we feel like we’ve got things figured out, we create all sorts of problems.

This presentation dives into what Brandon calls The Illusion of Knowing. Through an exploration of the nature of our perceptions, featuring some mind-melting magic along the way, audience members will gain insights into the ways The Illusion of Knowing is holding them back and shutting them down.

Presented in short-form on the TEDx stage, this presentation is eye-opening, mind-ready-ing, and will ignite your team’s passion to discover.

Help your team wake up to unseen possibilities. Call Brandon today!

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Too many people settle for decisions that seem “good enough”. Too many people are inefficient problem solvers. Too many organizations leave potential untapped. Brainsprouting offers a comprehensive process for changing all of that.

In this workshop, Brandon shares time-tested strategies for generating ideas and helping teams unlock their creative potential. Based off of the techniques from the book Brainsprouting, participants will learn:

  • How to recognize the creative abilities in everyone you meet
  • The guidelines of a brainsprouting session that make the space just right for ideas
  • How subtle forms of judgment are blocking your creative flow, and how to open the floodgates
  • How to transform any space to maximize creative output
  • Facilitation techniques to maximize your team’s creativity
  • How practicing creativity in your organization will create a more cohesive team

Brainsprouting is dynamic, empowering, and the results are immediate. Get into the spirit of possibility with Brainsprouting.

If you’re interested in watching your team discover their inner creative genius, give Brandon a call.

The Real Secrets of Magic

Building off of Brandon’s keynote by the same name, this workshop is designed to help participants dive further into The Real Secrets of Magic. These are ideas that Brandon has distilled from more than 25 years studying the art of magic.

They are not tricks, but are values that lie at the core of creativity and possibility, and they are applicable to any pursuit.

Participants in this workshop can expect to experience a shift in perspective. They will discover opportunities to improve their lives, and learn how to employ a few comprehensive tools to help turn possibility into reality. More than that, this hands-on experience will help participants learn and implement some best practices to making changes that matter.

This workshop is designed to be highly engaging and entertaining, while at the same time offering practical tools and a powerful experience.

If you want to shake things up in your workplace, or give participants a transformative experience at your conference, give Brandon a call to learn more about The Real Secrets of Magic. 

Benefits of Hiring Brandon

25+ Years
in Magic

Bringing you years of performance experience to wow your audience, open their minds, and leave them inspired. 

Engaging Audiences in a Memorable Way

Be dazzled by an unforgettable show, customized to entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Shifting People’s

Magic helps us see things differently, making the impossible possible, and transforming the ways people think and behave.

Energizing Opener & Closer at Conferences

Spark a sense of possibility and ensure your conference attendees are fascinated from beginning to end.

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“Your keynote was right on the mark and staff are still citing a few key messages around the office. Thank you again for your great session, it was loved by all! Which is a hard thing to accomplish with this group!”
Julia Wagner, City of Hamilton
“Brandon was the star speaker at our event! Our guests were mesmerized and the messaging was perfect! Brandon is a must have for a successful conference, gala or fundraiser!”
Lenka Nyeste, Sun Life Financial
“Brandon Love’s presentation style is enjoyable and engaging, he captivates his audience with mind-boggling tricks to unlock our minds and think more creatively, challenging his audience to wonder and ask “what if” or “why not”. He is very enlightening and left our team re-energized.”
Dee Henne, AVP & CFO, McMaster University
“Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and very well received.  We have had numerous comments from attendees who all stated how much they enjoyed hearing from you.”
Dave Lowe, Past-President of CASIU, The Canadian "Trillium" Chapter of IASIU
“I cannot tell you enough how much our group enjoyed your workshop. Everyone was raving about it afterwards and all our invited guests emailed me that evening or over the weekend to say how much they enjoyed the session.”
Alexandra Elms, The Ottawa Hospital
“Starting the day with your presentation was refreshing and kick started the brain into thinking differently. I think all conferences should start with you!”
Janet Aldred, Allstate Insurance
Brandon Love