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Book: Brainsprouting

Renowned leadership and success coaches Joel Hilchey and Brandon Love reveal their time-tested approach to coming up with innovative ideas, solving complex problems, and building more cohesive teams. Inside Brainsprouting you’ll find a simple process to unleash your inherent creative powers and to help others do the same. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a professional, or a hobbyist, this book will show you how to become more creative.

You’ll learn:

  • How to unlock your hidden creative talents.
  • A dozen simple, powerful tools to spark better ideas.
  • Techniques to turn creative ideas into valuable business ventures.
  • How subtle forms of judgment are blocking your creative flow, and how to open the floodgates.
  • How to transform any space to maximize creative output.
  • Facilitation techniques to maximize your team’s creativity.

Become fearlessly creative and you’ll create the life you want to live.

Creative Start App

Creativity is at the core of innovation, and research shows us that creativity can be cultivated by practicing it. The problem is that many people aren’t aware of this research, or if they are aware, they’re not sure how to build a “creativity practice” into their already busy lives.

A few years ago, my friend and fellow speaker, Joel Hilchey, and I created and curated a collection of activities that get the creative juices flowing.

The activities follow these three rules:
1. They take only five minutes to complete
2. They require no advance preparation
3. And most importantly… they are fun!

You can start playing by downloading the app and bringing more ideas into your life.

Did I mention… it’s totally free?!

Whether you’re looking to energize a meeting, to inspire new ideas, or to improve team dynamics, this app will help you create new possibilities.

We have chosen over 100 of our favorite activities and have shared them with thousands of people worldwide. We can’t wait for you to join the fun.

Go to Creative Start and develop your “creativity practice” today!

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“Your keynote was right on the mark and staff are still citing a few key messages around the office. Thank you again for your great session, it was loved by all! Which is a hard thing to accomplish with this group!”
Julia Wagner, City of Hamilton
“Brandon was the star speaker at our event! Our guests were mesmerized and the messaging was perfect! Brandon is a must have for a successful conference, gala or fundraiser!”
Lenka Nyeste, Sun Life Financial
“Brandon Love’s presentation style is enjoyable and engaging, he captivates his audience with mind-boggling tricks to unlock our minds and think more creatively, challenging his audience to wonder and ask “what if” or “why not”. He is very enlightening and left our team re-energized.”
Dee Henne, AVP & CFO, McMaster University
“Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and very well received.  We have had numerous comments from attendees who all stated how much they enjoyed hearing from you.”
Dave Lowe, Past-President of CASIU, The Canadian "Trillium" Chapter of IASIU
“I cannot tell you enough how much our group enjoyed your workshop. Everyone was raving about it afterwards and all our invited guests emailed me that evening or over the weekend to say how much they enjoyed the session.”
Alexandra Elms, The Ottawa Hospital
“Starting the day with your presentation was refreshing and kick started the brain into thinking differently. I think all conferences should start with you!”
Janet Aldred, Allstate Insurance
Brandon Love