Brandon Love MagicBrandon Love Magic

Entertain impossibility for a change.

"I loved him. He was really charming, and his magic was unbelievable!"

Entertain impossibility.

Brandon has spent almost two decades studying a unique blend of science, philosophy, psychology, education, and hypnosis. His highly entertaining performances will captivate you and inspire you to find magic in your everyday life.

Stage Magic

For events that are a bit larger in scope, Brandon is available to perform his unique brand of magic from the stage to amaze and entertain your audience.

Cocktail Receptions

Hire Brandon to mingle and “magish” with your guests, in a close-up setting. This type of magic is popular at cocktail receptions and house parties.

Special Events

Have a special event you’d like to sprinkle some excitement into? Brandon does weddings, retirement parties, holiday celebrations, and more!

Stage Magic

Brandon’s unique and interactive brand of magic employs mind-reading, influence, hypnosis, and classic illusions to stretch the boundaries of possibility for audiences. Unlike other stage magicians, Brandon avoids the use of fancy boxes, industrial saws, and live animals in order to focus on making audience members the real stars of the show.

Whether you’re looking for a twenty-minute interlude between acts, or a full two-hour production, Brandon will work with you to design the show that best meets your needs, and leaves your audience in awe.

Brandon was the star entertainer at our event! He is a must have for a successful party, gala or fundraiser!

– Lenka Nyeste, Financial Centre Resource Team Leader, Sun Life Financial

Cocktail Magic

We all know that seeing is believing, so why not give your guests a magic show right before their eyes? Brandon is a skilled sleight-of-hand artist who uses coins, jewelry, rings, money, ropes, needles and even his audience’s own minds to entertain and astound your guests.

In cocktail settings, Brandon mixes and mingles with your guests, performing and entertaining every step of the way. This is a surefire way to provide an exceptionally memorable experience!

Brandon is very charismatic, charming, polite, funny and nice. The audience was gasping a lot in awe at some of the tricks and there was a lot of talk about his magic the next day.

-Jamie McLean, Direct Support Professional, KW Habilitation


Special Events

Do you know that you want to create a special experience for people, but you’re not sure what to do? Brandon would be happy to consult with you and explore how magic can make your event especially memorable.

Hiring Brandon to perform for your guests is like hiring another host, so you can rest assured your guests are content and entertained, even while you’re off taking photos, or just enjoying a few quiet moments to yourself.

“Brandon more than impressed us with his entertainment services. He was courteous and professional, arrived early and stayed late and thoroughly entertained our guests. We look forward to using Brandon again at future events!”

– Lisa Pozhke, Marketing & Event Planner, ThinkFOOD! – Maple Leaf Foods

See Brandon in action: