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by Brandon Love

If you pay attention to social media at all you might agree that times seems particularly turbulent these days.

It seems like tension is growing. I overheard a conversation about the political climate not only in the USA, but in the broader global community. One person say “we’re about to be forced to take our problems more seriously.”

“we’re about to be forced to take our problems more seriously.”

But what can we do? The forces that have created these problems are enormous. Voting doesn’t feel like it makes much of a difference, protesting is energizing but yields uncertain results in the short term. How do we deal with these problems?

I believe it starts with a look inside.

Did I mention I’ve been practicing yoga lately? Actually, I’m training to become a teacher. Yoga has transformed my health, in all its facets. Physically I’m stronger and more flexible. Mentally I’m clearer and calmer. Spiritually, I’m hungrier and more connected. Overall, I feel much more in the driver’s seat of my own life. I feel like I’m in control. It’s been an empowering experience.

Since beginning my teacher training, I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time around the yoga studio. It’s such a warm place, with wonderful people. And I’ve noticed a gradual increase in participation over the past 5 weeks.

Which surprised me a bit.

Don’t most New Year’s Resolutions hibernate around this time of year?

Don’t most New Year’s Resolutions hibernate around this time of year?

It’s especially interesting to me, because of the tension there seems to be. Many of the people I interact with have expressed some degree of dismay with the way things are from a global perspective. And they feel the urge to do something, to help, to make things better somehow.

But what can we do?

But what can we DO?

But what can WE DO?

The more we ask the question, the more possibilities bubble up to the surface. There’s a lot that we can do. While our sphere of control is not as great or all-encompassing as some would like, there are a great number of things we can change.

Most of them are within ourselves, of course.

I think this is what many people are beginning to realize. And perhaps this is why the community at the yoga studio seems to be growing.

When we ask “what can we do?” we open our minds to possibilities.

When we ask “what can we do?” we open our minds to possibilities. We find within ourselves a sense of willingness, and we become more aware of our choices. It occurs to us that some of the choices we make lead to more positive outcomes, while some of them lead to negative ones. And sometimes the ones that seem positive in the short-term end up being negative in the long-term. Eventually we might see that all we are is choices, habits, and patterns of behaviour. The key to change, is to recognize choice is the foundation.

So, what we CAN DO, is seek awareness of our choices. To pay attention to how we’re choosing, and then make decisions that are going to be better for ourselves.

Now, I have zero evidence that people taking an interest in their health and fitness is on the rise, but imagine what it would mean if it was?

What if we collectively used the fear and tension we’re experiencing on the global level to fuel our personal transformation? What if we started taking care of ourselves?

Care means nurturing: Choosing healthy foods for lots of energy so we can give our best to the work that we choose; Exercising to build strength, stamina, and mobility; Giving ourselves permission to be curious, to ask questions, and to take risks.

Care means keeping promises to yourself, just as you would to a best friend. Making choices and following through on them leads us to a sense of fulfillment, which creates purpose, which elevates our happiness.

Everywhere we go we leave a trail of influence.

Care means role modelling. Our sphere of control may lie directly within ourselves. But our sphere of influence extends beyond our bodies. Everywhere we go we leave a trail of influence. The greatest way to lead is by example, and so when we care about ourselves we also show others how to care for themselves.

By learning to care for ourselves, by taking ownership for those things we can control, we might just witness the revolution the world seems to be approaching. And we might end up exactly where we hope to be.

This weekend, or whenever you feel you’re up against a jam, remember what lies within your power to change. As yourself “what can I do?” and consider what options you have.

There’s always a choice to be made.

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Brandon Love is a magician, speaker, and coach. He helps people un-stick their minds to become more creative and achieve the impossible. Combining his unique blend of awe-inspiring entertainment with experience-derived insights, Brandon creates an unforgettable experience on stage or up close. He is also the co-author of Brainsprouting: How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often.

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