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Entertaining & thought-provoking keynotes.

Having practiced and performed magic for most of his life, Brandon has acquired a wealth of experience with creative thinking, problem solving, and achieving success. His energizing keynotes produce results for both corporate and educational audiences.


Help your teams become more creative and collaborative.


Increase student engagement & foster inspired learning.


Corporate Keynotes

Brandon specializes in helping individuals unleash their creative abilities and contribute more effectively to teams by employing his unique blend of science, psychology, and magic in his presentations. As the co-author of “Brainsprouting; How to Become Fearlessly Creative & Have Better Ideas More Often”, his keynotes focus on challenging assumptions, discovering fresh perspectives and celebrating team potential.

Brandon Love’s presentation style is enjoyable and engaging, he captivates his audience with mind-boggling tricks to unlock our minds and think more creatively challenging his audience to wonder and ask “what if” or “why not”. He is very enlightening and left our team re-energized.

-Dee Henne, AVP (Admin) & CFO, McMaster University

Educational Speaking

Engaging audiences is the first step to making sure messages stick, and from the moment Brandon walks on stage your audience will be spellbound. Brandon’s educational keynotes combine magic and storytelling to demonstrate the power of shifting mindsets for creating real change.

Aside from his speaking and performing, Brandon spent years as a coach with Pathways to Education helping young people get “unstuck”. His experience working with students makes him perfect for school assemblies, PD Days, and leadership conferences.

“You’re the most engaging speaker I’ve ever seen!”

-Yaxu, Grade 12 Student


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